Chen Man


Chen MAN


Born in Beijing in 1980, Chen Man grew up after the Cultural Revolution and was part of the generation of the Chinese one-child policy. She attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 2005, where she studied graphic design. At the age of 23, she published her self-styled photography as covers for Chinese art magazine VISION, therefore bringing her immediate prominence for the first time as a student. Her early style includes extensive use of digital tools such as Photoshop and 3D Max to create an extravagant visual experience.

Man is also known for her hyper-realistic pop portraits like her 2012 “Whatever the Weather” covers. The series features an unsigned model and Tibetan teenagers from the Tibetan High School, an ethnic college. Indeed, she wanted to capture the “50 to 60 ethnic groups” that represent the beauty in China in her 12 photograph series for i-D. The issue was praised as both creative and forward thinking, especially for her age.  And not only has Man mastered cameras and computers, she has also mastered the seamless blend of her modern aesthetics with traditional Chinese culture into her work. Consequently people praise Man for assisting the evolution of China’s aesthetics and redefining Chinese beauty.

To Chen Man, there are two ways of defining beauty and she finds “both sides of the coin beautiful. She believes in genuine beauty, “what feels real whether it’s an emotion, an image, a person or an artwork” and technological beauty, like the beauty of phones and computers. With the tendency to look abroad for inspirations, The artist is hoping that her work will encourage people to rethink beauty and start looking “to China for inspiration.”


Chen’s work has been widely exhibited:

2004, Out of the Window Space of Distraction, Tokyo
2006, Wave Chinese media Art, 1997-2004, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis
2007, Galerie Loft, Paris
2008, Galerie Maeght, Paris
2008, China Design, Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2010, Red Beauty, Fabien Fryns Fine Art, Los Angeles
2010, Unbearable Beauty, Ooi Botos Gallery, Hong Kong
2012, Chinese Art Centre, Manchester, UK
2012, Glamorous Futurist by Chen Man Exhibition, Diesel Art Gallery, Tokyo
2013, Proud of Dignity 2012, Lady Dior Exhibition, Paris
2014, A New Attitude: Chen Man’s Provocative Interpretations of Contemporary Chinese Women Exhibition, RedLine Art Center, Denver
2015, “Four Seasons: Sprint” and “Long Live the Motherland”, Asian Arts Museum, San Francisco
2016, Chen Man X The Peninsula Hotel Global, Pink Ribbon Charity Auction and Exhibition, The First Stop, New York City


Chen Man awarded Tencent’s Annual “Real Me” award alongside thirteen other most influential figures across China,Tencent, China, December 2015


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