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Photography art – Inspiration

“I am always drawn to smokers; the subversiveness of the act; the hand gestures; the attitude the person projects at the very point of lighting the cigarette.”

Alexander Haslam

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Alexander Haslam PICTURE


Originally from London, Alexander has been living in Hong Kong since 2008. Alexander creates his photographic art in real-time on the streets of Hong Kong and through his global travel. Alexander’s work is a combination of photojournalism, urban landscapes and industrial imagery.

The strong single aspects of an image are what drive Alexander’s urban landscapes and industrial images: be it light or the symmetry of industrial construction. He looks toward these 2 elements to lead the eye into and through the image, emphasizing the contrasting nature between the light or geometric pattern and the subject of the image itself.

Shooting digitally, Alexander keeps his post-processing to a minimum. He deploys only the techniques that are available for film processing; preferring instead to let the people, the light or the uniform simplicity speak. The result are strong lucid images revealing a narrative of the urban landscape be it the people or the design that define the cities we inhabit today.


Photography art limited editions come with a certificate of authentication signed by the artist. We offer different Gallery quality material options for this artwork. Mounting is hand-made.

1/ Photo Print only:

Designed for photographers seeking to enhance their images with a metallic look, MOAB Metallic Pearl paper (260g/m2) transforms an image into lifelike, almost 3D quality. The special laminate gives white and metallic objects a glossy effect and augments their luminosity. Shots with strong contrasts benefit from the depth effect that is created through vibrant whites and strong, imposing black tones. Professionals use this paper for urban shots in particular.

Picture of Acrylic glass surface with photo print on aluminum base

2/ Hand made mounted on Aluminium mounting with an Acrylic Coating:

Original photo print is mounted on Di-bound aluminum and coated with acrylic glass. The unique, brand-name glass enhances the luminosity of your color photos and gives them depth. Details appear razor sharp. In addition to the many optical advantages, acrylic glass is notably lighter and tougher than traditional glass. It also offers your photo natural protection against UV rays, thereby helping to prevent loss of color.   

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Photo Print Only, Aluminium mounting + Acrylic Coating

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