Stop Thinking – Face to Face

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Stop Thinking – Face to Face

Simple, stronger and powerful. Incorporating Wei Ping’s signature text ‘Stop Thinking’, this “advice” is repeated thousands of times in tiny (Western script) hand-writing which functionally adds shading and texture to the initial prints-from-photos. From a distance the hand-writing looks like cross-hatching , softening the image’s outlines until it is no longer immediately apparent that a photograph was the first stage.

This is a print of the original artwork, signed by the artist.




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Born in 1971, Wei Ping is a printmaker teaching in one of the Shanghai art colleges as well as having her own studio at Mo Gan Shan. Children, her family members, her youthful self, and some female nudes haven inspired her work. Her life advice is “take to time for meditation, stop thinking”

“Stop thinking: just to release ourselves. Our minds restrict the freedom of our personality. A free person is a happy person, healthy person, an unbound person, a civil person, a humble person, a simple person, a person detached form substances, a person with a free mind, a person with manners, a person who is able to act according to his or her own design, a person who acts by principles, a person who respects others, a person who is able to make the right choice according to the changes, a man or woman who does nothing against nature.

A free person should be the one who is able to listen to the true voice of his or her heart and know their true needs, able to break away from the limitation of outmoded and useless roles and do valuable things, able to control habitual thinking and behavioural modes to direct his or her passion, and be able to firmly execute their decisions with strong self-discipline.”


The Art print displays sharp, vivid images with a high degree of color accuracy on paper similar to that of a postcard or greeting card. The art print comes with a white-soft mat. Signed by the artist.

Print view Size:  7.9 H x  5.9 L x 0 W in

Print total Size:  12.2 H x 9.1 L x 0 W in


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