The Concept

“ We have a thing for Chinoiserie – we tend to gravitate towards items with Chinese details or style, and especially like it in combination with simple finishes and more modern pieces… 

Janel Laban, Executive Editor of Apartment Therapy 


We're art lovers that know first-hand just how difficult and time-consuming it can be to get quality art from China. If you don't speak Chinese, there is a good chance you'll end up buying fake or poor quality artwork. This may lead you to overpriced art galleries in search of that perfect piece. But did you know there’s another option?
Our mission


We're committed to giving art lovers and interior designers an easy way to access the fresh and exciting Eastern art scene. We'll help you find the perfect piece for your home, office, or just about anywhere. No hassle, no fuss – just your 100% satisfaction.

And here’s how we do it:


From the moment you purchase your art until it’s hanging on your wall, our team will ensure your happiness along every step of the way. Our artworks come mounted on gallery-quality material, and each limited edition piece comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.


By cutting out a lot of middlemen in the process and shipping everything directly from our warehouse in Hong Kong, we don’t have to charge you the traditional markups that are prevalent in the art industry. We cut out the fuss so you can get beautiful pieces at a price that suits you.


We’re sure you’re going to love your art. But if for some reason you don’t, you can return it to our nearest warehouse within ten days of delivery for a refund. Simply contact us and let us know if there were any problems, and we’ll follow up. Take a quick read through our  returns & refunds for more info.


Our artworks come shipped from Hong Kong, so keep in mind they may take a little longer to arrive, but beautiful and fresh style at a fair price is well worth the wait. After all, you’ll enjoy them for decades. We also offer real-time tracking, so you can keep an eye on your order every step of the way.


IMG_20150518_001927MAO LOVES ART founder Amina started this company after she encountered the difficulty of buying contemporary Chinese art first-hand. After a stint in Europe working as a product manager for L’Oreal Luxury Division in charge of Yves Saint Laurent, she relocated to Hong Kong in search of the kaleidoscopic, 24/7 energy and color she fell in love with during her post-university travels.

One day, while re-designing her own apartment, she realised that finding a nice, affordable piece of Chinese contemporary art is a real challenge. The galleries were too expensive and buying fake was out of question. There had to be another way.

And that’s how it all started. Amina gathered a team with the goal of revolutionizing the way we shop for art. Now we bring fresh, new Chinese contemporary art straight to your home with the flavours of modernity, humour, and the Internet.

Let MAO LOVES ART be the map to your Chinese art journey. Your home will thank you.

Any question? We are happy to help!


Mao Loves Art is operated by:

La Boite a Idees Limited
21/F, CMA Building 
Connaught Road, 64
Central – Hong Kong

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